Student Written Testimonials

Student Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials

 as written by the students  

“I loved this experience, I made a lot of friends and also learned about their cultures. My teacher was the best teacher in the entire school. Everyone were really kind to me and I appreciate that.”

Clementina Trias – Venezuela – March 2019

“Was fun and I learn alot of new things I want to come back next year.”

Nathalie Bustos – Ecuador – March 2019

“First of all I met the office and direction staff. Those were all really helpful and nice. Furthermore I met a lot of new people from all over the world, it was amazing.”

Sara Carminetti – Italy – February 2019

“I have a good experience of OHLA. Great surprise!!! I’ll be back soon.”

Claudia Garcia – Brazil – February 2019

“The school is beautiful and everyone is nice and the teacher is wonderful and ever thing is good.”

Amer Alajmi – Saudi Arabia – February 2019

“I had an incredible time at OHLA. Improved my skills a little bit, and enjoyed a lot the class, Vanessa is an excellent teacher and the OHLA life on Fridays were awesome too, I will miss it!”

Augusto Soares – Brazil – February 2019

“I spent 11 months in OHLA and it has been a great experience. I feel happy and satisfied specially because my English has improved a lot but also I have met nice people. In my opinion, my teachers team: Pauline, Alton, Duniesky, Boris, Stanley and Vanessa, all of them was excellent. Thanks to OHLA and all the staff.”

Elizabeth Araujo – Venezuela – January 2019

“My teacher Iryna is good and she explains classes well and the OHLA is the best school I’ve been.”

Guadalupe Felix – Mexico – January 2019

“I would say that teacher was amazing, and people in class were friendly and overall I must say that I am glad that I could study in this school.”

Jan Pribik – Czech Republic – January 2019

“I had a good experience when I was in Advanced 2 and Elite but I changed for Cambridge preparation and it was much better for me. My teacher Alton Rose is an excellent teacher and I’ve learned a lot from him. What is more, the school administration was always friendly and helpful and I appreciated it. I had a great time here and I would definitely recommend this school, even come back again in future… Thank you for everything.”

Jodie Fellrath – Switzerland – December 2018


“My teacher is great, the program is very interesting, my classmates are really good and I have the best group and teacher here.”

Alisa Antonova – Russia – December 2018

“I think, the best English school.”

Yaroslav Skalko – Ukraine – December 2018

“I was feeling very active when I was a student at the OHLA. Students are friendly and teachers are not boring.”

Abbas Abbasov – Azerbaijan – December 2018

“I enjoyed my experience at OHLA very much, I meet great people and make forever friends. I think the way that OHLA teach really helps to have a better English in terms of speaking and writing. My teacher duniesky was very professional and nice.”

Juliana Silva – Colombia – November 2018

“Study in OHLA was an excellent experience, I had good teachers, good classmates and I learn many things here, not just only English, but also learn with the others people that I had some time together. Thank you for everything!”

Rodrigo Dias da Costa – Brazil – November 2018

“My teacher Vanessa, was the best teacher I’ve had in this academy. I think she is really dedicated to her students and teach us many things.”

Lissy Ventura – Dominican Republic – November 2018

“Teacher is supportive, he clearly explains the topics of the lesson in detail, attentive to all students, all students practice speaking English in his lessons. Everybody at school tries to help and suggests, there is a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.”

Alexandra Perova – Russia – October 2018

“I spent unforgettable time with my crazy classmates and i’ll not forget these moments.”

Mazen Almubark – Saudi Arabia – October 2018

“My experience started in January and finish in October. I think that my experience was very succesful. I am so happy about my experience in OHLA and teachers that I had.”

Martin Duraes – Argentina – October 2018

“My experience here was amazing I found interesting the way that OHLA do everything. I met a lot people I enjoyed the afternoon activities I loved to take the classes with Roy he is an incredible teacher and amazing and honest person.”

David Hernandez – Colombia – September 2018

“OHLA is a good school, when I started my English was very basic, now I can communicate in English and I appreciate it.”

Clevson Menezes – Brazil – September 2018

“I liked my teacher. Because he understands the English skill of each students. So I could listen to his English.”

Saki Sano – Japan – September 2018

“It was very good place to study I like my teacher and I have a lot of friends here
I will not forget my time here and I hope to came back and study in OHLA again ^-^”

Ibrahim Hakami – Saudi Arabia – September 2018

“I loved it the experience because I learned a lot about different culture and also now I can talk almost perfect English with native speaker. All the teachers are pretty amazing because they do not talk only based in the book if not for every day.”

Prachi Lalwani – Venezuela – August 2018

“It’s my first experience in Miami OHLA. Everything was excellent, my teacher had a profound knowledge and she gave me a lot of new information. Thanks a lot to Fabian! He organized very funny trips to Miami Beach.”

Anna Kozina – Russia – August 2018

“My experience in OHLA was really amazing! I met new beautiful people and I had I lot of fun with than. We did many activities and we visited a lot of new places. The school is located in a beautiful building and the staff is really kind and polite. My teacher was really funny kind and prepared, all the lessons were nice and productive. Thanks to this my English is really better now! I recommend OHLA to everybody.”

Silvia Illengo – Italy – August 2018

“Actually, my time in OHLA was absolutely fantastic. My teachers Dunieski, Pedro and Boris were the best ever!! I really learned and understood their English classes. I feel blessed for getting English class at OHLA school. I highly recommend OHLA to everyone. I learned more than English certainly, I learned about living in a country where I was not born.”

Pamela Velasquez – Colombia – August 2018

“Came here and study here is the best desicion. This is best experience in my life. My teacher was Michelli, is the best teacher a had very good clasmattes and techer. Because when I came here I don’t know how I can speak in English and now I can speak about many things. She knows how learn English. Everybody here was so helpful me when I needed help. Fabian, Daniel, Luz, everybody here. I’m really happy for oportunities to be here. And a really recommended OHLA.”

Julie-Anna Sulcova – Czech Republic – August 2018

“The teacher is very good and the classes are very funny. I met a lot of people from other countries. I feel very good in OHLA!”

Zhaopeng Qu – China – August 2018

“It was a good experience to practice English with teachers who lives in USA. I think it is important to practice the reading and listening to pass the IELTS test.”

Denis Parraguez – Peru – July 2018

“I really liked my teacher, because she could speak a very clear English easy to understand by people who come from another country. I also liked the organization of the school and all the staff members were very kind and helpful.”

Marco Mainardi – Italy – July 2018

“The teachers are very good I learned so many things about English and how to write better.”

Vlaimi Guerrero – Dominican Republic – July 2018

“The people who work for OHLA are very friendly. The teacher could explain things I didn’t understand very well.”

Leonie Gubler – Switzerland – July 2018

“OHLA is a very good school, really I am feeling that my English is better now. The teachers have all the knowledge and the classes are very good. I hope return soon and finish Advance 2 and Elite. ”

Angie Jimenez – Colombia – June 2018

“Everything was really excellent since the beginning. I can notice my improvement in English which that is what I needed.”

Angeles Castro Alaniz – Nicaragua – June 2018

“My time here it was amazing, I want to recommend this school to all my friends in Italy. Everything here is professional and I like it. Thanks you so much OHLA staff.”

Alessandro Lovisetto – Italy – June 2018

“It’s a good experience for all. I like the school and my teacher is a excellent person and it was a beautiful experience.”

Camila Romero – Colombia – June 2018

“Everything in this experience was incredible, classes, teacher, classmates…”

Maria Gion Benedi – Spain – June 2018

“The school was very good and I could improve my English skills. Moreover, the activities were interesting and well organized. I really enjoyed my staying at OHLA.”

Patrick Brenner – Germany – May 2018

“At the beginning was difficult because it was the first time alone but now I don’t want to leave. I found a real family here, my roommates, my class, my teacher, the OHLA staff. Thank you.”

Alessandro Lovisetto – Italy – May 2018

“It was the best studying experience I’ve ever had! Simply brilliant.”

Alima Erkenova – Russia – May 2018

“I think it is very good because teacher worry about if you understand all and if you didn’t they will repeat for you.”

Nikolas Granda – Ecuador – April 2018

“I really appreciated the 2 months I have spent in this school. I learned a lot with my teacher and I have met a lot of friends. I have wonderful memories thanks to the school activities organized by Fabian. Everyone is very nice and helpful in the school. I would love to come back one day, because it was one of the best experience of my life.”

Alix Wojdowski – France – March 2018

“I had a good moment here, since my first day at OHLA I started to learn new things. I am convict that I will come back to my hometown with another view from the world. The teachers are really friendly and they know how to teach. I love the school too, everybody here is happy and attentive.”

Luiz Mores – Brazil – March 2018

“My teacher was incredible, I love his methodology.”

Greta Granados – Peru – March 2018

“It is my first time to study abroad and I found what I need to do about my abilities. There are lots of people from different countries, who has different cultures. It was very interesting for me.”

Yurika Tsutsui – Japan – March 2018

“Vanessa is a very dynamic teacher, always making everybody in the class participate even if there are a lot of students in the classroom. Boris was my teacher in the TOEFL preparation and provided great lessons and knowledge for taking the tests, was always clear and for sure provided me an opportunity to be more prepared for the test.”

Caio Prodanoff – Brazil – February 2018

“My teacher, Boris, is a professional. He has very well prepared documents/tasks for lessons and has great ability to keep the attention of the students during the lessons in a very natural way. I really enjoyed the lessons. In three weeks I had an opportunity to practice the grammar, pass the tests and try preparation for TOEFL exams. The course fulfilled my expectations fully and I had great time here.”

Marta Stastna – Czech Republic – February 2018

“This was a very important experience for me and i hope to repeat in the next trips to Miami. Thanks OHLA for all. Bye.”

Rodrigo Araujo – Brazil – February 2018

“Very kind and supporting Management! Interesting school program, very comfortable class rooms and good school facilities. I will highly recommend OHLA to my friends.”

Tatiana Sorokina – Russia – January 2018

“The time that I was here in OHLA was the best experienced, because I started in basic 2 and I progressed to advanced 1. I like everything here the teacher’s, the classmates, the classes everything. I would said that OHLA is a big family when everyone is together in a group.”

Andrea Gonzalez – Venezuela – January 2018

“I love the experience of attend OHLA School, I overcome myself and learned a lot of things at the same time that I met people, make friends and learn English.”

Juan Suarez – Colombia – January 2018

“Thanks to OHLA I have improved my English in only one week.”

Ivan Giai – Italy – December 2017

“I enjoyed my experience at the school. I met good people and I improved my English. One thing I like about OHLA is that you feel comfortable and Direction, Staff, teacher and classmates treat you like family. Also I made a pathway to go to the University through OHLA, which is quit an opportunity for me and my future.”

Stephania Bustos – Colombia – December 2017

“I was happy that my teacher did a lesson that matched my level.”

Atsuko Yano – Japan – December 2017

“All perfect, I like the institute and I not have problems, staff friendly and teachers excellent.”

Tony Trigona – Venezuela – December 2017

“It was very convenient with everything near. It’s clean, comfortable to find that you need. Here the teacher have open mind, different to my country. Better to improve your language.”

Nicolas Gallet – France – December 2017

“My teachers and my classmates were excellent, they helped me whenever I needed.”

Najara Silva – Brazil – November 2017

“My time in OHLA School was interesting. I wish to OHLA to became one of the best language school. And I want to say “Thank You”, OHLA.”

Nurgeldi Kartaigan – Kazakhstan – November 2017

“Classes in OHLA are full of friendly and open atmosphere. Teachers are great and I felt there like between my friends.”

Natalia Pirohova – Slovakia – November 2017

“My teacher was great. I improved my English too much with him, I think. He is so funny and he does a lots of entertainment activities.”

Andres Felli – Venezuela – October 2017

“I like everything about OHLA. Excellent school.”

Natalia Lores – Colombia – October 2017

“I spent very good time here, the teacher is very nice and she explain very well and teach very well.”

Eleonora Liv – Argentina – October 2017

“My experience with OHLA was better than I imagine. The teacher is so good and the classes was very well.”

Julia Abdala – Brazil – October 2017

“I liked this school and teachers and classes. I think I will come next year with my brother. Thank you OHLA!”

Ramil Agayev – Kazakhstan – September 2017

“It is my second time in OHLA School and I really appreciate my stay. The school is really organized and the personal is very kind.”

Chiara Marullo – Italy – September 2017

“When I’m in the class I feel excellent. Every person help me with everything, thank you OHLA.”

Ayman AlRashidi – Saudi Arabia – September 2017

“The teachers teach very well and help us so much.”

Ferran Bassas – Spain – September 2017

“I had a very good experience at OHLA. And I really appreciate the 5 months that I spent with you. I learned a lots from my teachers, and they are so nice. The school have an amazing administration. If I have to choose again I will choose OHLA because it’s the best.”

Jessica Charles – Haiti – September 2017

“I found a lot of support at school. All the staff is extremely helpful and understanding. Boris helped me prepare for the TOEFL exam,and helped me identify the things i had trouble with and get them in check. Alton helped me expand my vocabulary and knowledge. I felt like both of my teachers were approachable and easy to talk to , which was great. I’m very happy with Wioletta who helped me extend my stay in the residence by 1 day. Luz is extremely sweet and is always a pleasure to talk to her. Jenny reassured me when I had a problem with my Agency and showed a lot of interest in solving my problem. That made me feel better and I could enjoy the rest of my stay. Fabian was amazing when taking us to different activities. He was truly wonderful! Always with a smile and in a good mood. He is my favorite person at OHLA!”

Ana Maria Teodorescu – Romania – August 2017

“I enjoy very much my time at school, the teacher shows disponibility and also all the staff was very nice. I learned much English and it was also an amazing experience. I hope to come back next year.”

Kilian Reim – Italy – August 2017

“OHLA was a really good school. I felt like I was at home. Everybody is really kind and I will miss them a lot. I have met a lot of new people and my teachers were really good. Pedro, Boris and Dunieski the best teachers in the world.”

Rocio Campos – Venezuela – August 2017

“Stay here during three weeks was a real pleasure, the activities was amazing, teachers was so kind and take care about their students. I’m sad to leave OHLA, hope I’ll come back.”

Eva Ferreira – France – August 2017

“It’s my second time here in OHLA and I feel very well about my experience. The school is well organized and all the people help you if you need.”

Fabrizio Sera – Italy – August 2017

“This is most beautiful travel where I was been, I’m having fun a lot.”

Roko Markulic – Croatia – August 2017

“I took a big experience from this course, I feel big progress, I just want to say ‘thank you’!”

Amir Ashigaliyev – Kazakhstan – August 2017

“It’s my second time in OHLA. I really like this school and I hope I’ll come here next summer. Kylle is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. I knew a lot of new words, we did a lot of grammar tasks.”

Valeriia Sokolova – Russia – July 2017

“My teacher was really awesome, she answered at all the questions I had and I improved my vocabulary and my way of talk. Very interesting experience and maybe that next year I will try OHLA school in a different city. The school is comfortable and I had good time there. Thank you for the perfect organization and for the lessons.”

Alice Edouard – France – July 2017

“OHLA is an excellent school, the teachers are kind and you can learn lot of things so I would recommend this school for everyone.”

Gergely Harsanyi – Slovakia – July 2017

“My time at the school has been great. I’m very happy about my teacher who is really qualified and I have enjoyed all the classes.”

Gianmarco Ebeling – Italy – July 2017

“At my first day I was afraid because I didn’t know anyone, but all my classmates were so kindly with me and also Rebecca, my teacher. She is very smart, kind, helpful, an amazing teacher and a good person. I love my experience here and everybody are so kindly. I love it.”

Giovanna Burigatto – Brazil – July 2017

“I would like to thank OHLA for my experience in studying for TOEFL exam. I had absolutely zero knowledge about the test structure and parts, but now I am sure that this test is not as hard as I thought it is, thanks to my teacher, his optimistic personality and nice explanations of everything I found difficult. I really enjoyed my studying and time I spent here. The lessons were not boring, they were challenging and gave me a lot of new knowledge.”

Eliza Filatova – Russia – July 2017

“I don’t have word to explain about my how happy I was in OHLA. This school is amazing they know how to treat the students. I just want to thank OHLA for everything that they have done for me.”

Domingas Manuel – Angola – July 2017

“It was a good time with people from all over the world and teacher was a very nice.”

Chitadze Alena – Russia – July 2017

“OHLA was an incredible experience here in Miami. I really liked the way they teach. Also, Boris and Dunieski are amazing teachers how made my days here in the school excellent.”

Alejandro Piedrabuena – Argentina – June 2017

“I like the class and the teacher so much. I improve my English. I think this school and the teacher are very good.”

Alessandra Cavalli – Italy – June 2017

“I improve my English here. It was great time, every teacher help to do this.”

Adam Cylwik – Poland – June 2017

“About the OHLA I like it and I think I send my brother here. I like my teacher he is funny and good person.”

Saleh Almalki – Saudi Arabia – June 2017

“It was amazing my moments here. Both OHLA and the teacher are excellent, I will remember this experience for ever.”

Kelly Martins – Brazil – June 2017

“My teacher is very good, the class was great and I spent beautiful time there.”

Silvia Lai – Italy – June 2017

“Thank you so much school “OHLA” and teachers, who thought me. If I will have opportunity I come back!”

Yulia Eremina – Russia – May 2017

“I improved my English ability because of OHLA. Thanks for everything.”

Jinsung Chang – South Korea – May 2017

“It was great experience for me. Since I start to study in OHLA School I can speak fluently and can express my thoughts clearly.”

Kseniia Buinakova – Russia – May 2017

“Was a great experience, school has excellent people, teachers and classmates. The culture interchange it’s amazing.”

Espinel Gomez – Colombia – May 2017

“My experience was very good, the teacher explain very well, he used to use a lot of dynamics for teach us.”

Ana Sofia Bandari – Venezuela – April 2017

“I really had excellent experience here. I meet special people, whose help me so much to keep going in my journey. Like Stela, Cliff, Daniel, and Fabian. Another experience really important for me was meet people of different countries.”

Aryela Fernandes – Brazil – April 2017

“I had a amazing experience at the school, I was super happy because I met many people from different countries an each one with different character, amazing people, crazy people, quiet people, friendly people. I learned a lot English thanks to my teacher, he is excellent teacher, he is the best teacher an amazing person.”

Glendy – Venezuela – March 2017

“When I arrived at OHLA School, I did not speak any English but my first teacher Pauline. She gave me a lot of grammar to improve my English. The best teacher to me is Pedro, I learned a lot of pronunciation and more comfortable with me. My experience in OHLA School was interesting because I have a lot friends. Now I am sad.”

Agustin Saravia – Bolivia – March 2017

“OHLA it’s a very good school. Meet people of many countries permit to increase our level of English because we have to speak all the day in English. The staff is excellent and help us every time, when we have questions. The residence is good and live in the same place that the school is perfect.”

Sophie Rescoussie – France – March 2017

“I like very much to stay in OHLA. There are good teachers and all staff are nice.”

Johanna Asgeirsdottir – Iceland – March 2017

“The school is very nice, the teacher is a excellent person and a excellent teacher. The student residence are good for practice English.”

Francisco Campos – Colombia – March 2017

“Very good school I will recommend it to all my friends.”

Anna Shpenkova – Russia – March 2017

“I would like to study here again because teachers is very kind and class programs are very good.”

Takahisa Shiraishi – Tokyo – March 2017

“I was very happy and satisfy to learn English at OHLA. It reminded me when I was student. The students were friendly. Special thanks to Luci. She’s a good manager. Special thanks to Pedro, Luz, Wiolletta, and all staff.”

Patricia Eyene Akoghe – Gabon – March 2017

“This is the best school I attended in my life. I hope to continue studying here later.”

Natalia Grishchenina – Russia – March 2017

“I love all my experience that I had this month.”

Giovanna Aardoom – Cameroon – February 2017

“I really like all teachers who thought me. Learning in school is the most important experience in my memories.”

Mikhail Trudonoshin – Russia – February 2017

“OHLA is very good school. I improve my English, I meet a lot of friends and it was amazing.”

Vidal Soline – France – January 2017

“Professionals teachers, good facilities, friendly atmosfera.”

Papina Yelena – Kazakhstan – January 2017

“My teacher was very good and get us help I like it because she is smart, clear, and have a good skills for get us all information and vocabulary she is excellent.”

Abdulhamid Alfadhel – Saudi Arabia – January 2017

“My experience in OHLA has been excellent. The teacher, classmates, other people who work here, everything has been excellent.”

Lorenzo Fodere – Uruguay – January 2017

“I enjoyed spending my time at the school with friendly classmates and wonderful teacher. Thank you!”

Liudmila Volkova – Russia – December 2016

“Everything was great. I will recommend that school for everybody who I know.”

Andrey Mun – Kazakhstan – December 2016

“I really got used to the school. All the staff members were really good at helping us. They are also very professional and provide us with the help we needed.”

Everlin – Venezuela – December 2016

“My teacher listened to me carefully, and sympathized with me any time. I would like to say him, thank you.”

Tomoko Iwata – Japan – December 2016

“My teachers was perfect I really love them they were always nice to us they are respectful and school activities are always satisfaying.”

Busra Yilman – Turkey – December 2016

“In general the experience with the people including students, staff members, and teachers are good. Very friendly and ready for anything I need.”

Carlos Andres Carrasquilla – Colombia – December 2016

“It’s a very good experience, I’m so happy in OHLA School and hope returned in other moment! I know a lot nice people, now I have a friends and I learning English, I’m so happy!”

Clara Canella – Spain – December 2016

“Thank you for your hospitality and unforgettable time in Miami. I had a great experience in a class and in a residence.”

Dauren Moldabayev – Kazakhstan – December 2016

“Love you OHLA.”

Abdalhmed – Saudi Arabia – November 2016

“I’m really happy to describe my experience in OHLA because it was my best experience in my life, I didn’t live in the student residence but I went to school, I think teacher’s are very good, I improved my English, I was so shy but not anymore because we speak a lot, they correct me, they help me. Activities with Fabian was very useful and interesting because we can visit Miami, meet a new friends and practice our English together. I have just quality to talk about, I love OHLA and maybe one day I come back for improve my English more and have a new best experience.”

Oceane Fauvette – France – November 2016

“My teacher was very good, funny and comprehensive. My classmates were awesome. The facility is very good. Class and activities are very very good.”

Joao Sayo – Brazil – November 2016

“I can gladly say that this was the best experience I have ever had. The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful, stuff were completely helpful and willing to give more than they had.”

Ahmed Almanfi – Libya – November 2016

“In fact it was amazing experience for me with the staff in OHLA and I like my host family.”

Khaled Khaleel – Jordan – November 2016

“Everything was excellent – people were nice and helpful, teachers were great and help me improve my English, school is nice and clean, comfortable for students to study.”

Dorata Kaczorowska – Poland – October 2016

“It was a nice experience, I had a lot of fun, met new people, I just want to come back for longer time.”

Loeei Bakhaidar – Saudi Arabia – September 2016

“I really enjoyed my classes with teacher Amy, I didn’t want them to end. Everyone is so nice, from Fabian to Luz, even the cleaning staff of the OHLA residence are really kind people. I have no complains.”

Maria Moncada – Venezuela – September 2016

“Everything is awesome. I like activities. Everyone is really kind. I would come again.”

Adela Matejickova – Czech Republic – September 2016

“My first week in Miami was very difficult, but the teachers, the staff and other people from the school helped me so much. I would like to say thank you for all that you did for me. I had the best time in my life and I think I improve a lot. My classes were all the time so funny and nice, I had three different teacher and all of them were excellent. I also had awesome experience in the activities and I think its a good thing for students, they can see Miami, they come closer to other students, they become friends and so on. All in all I had a perfect time. Thanks a million. :)”

Natalie Trakofler – Italy – September 2016

“I like this school very much! My teacher is the best teacher of the world!!!! All the classes are clean and comfort. I made friends with students. I want to live in Miami and study English at this school!”

Anastasia Shpileva – Russia – September 2016

“Was very good, I like OHLA so much and I will come back to learn English in this school again.”

Edison Rodriguez – Colombia – August 2016

“Really I liked OHLA so much because the teachers and classmates and staff and activities also the classes it was perfect. I will never forget anyone or anything of them.”

Modhawy Abushoshah – Saudi Arabia – August 2016

“All in this school is excellent, the teachers, classmates, activities, classes, etc. I like everything.”

Valeria Fernandez – Venezuela – August 2016

“I really like OHLA. I had very good teachers, they were very kind and friendly and also they are good professionals. Activities were really interesting. I lived in a hotel. But I think I am going back to this school.”

Anastasia Zakalyuzhnaya – Russia – August 2016

“I really like this school! It was amazing experience for me. I met new friends, improved my writing, reading, listening skills. Activities were interesting and sometimes breathtaking. I think I’ll go back to OHLA next summer and advise all my friends this language school.”

Marina Ryabinina – Kazakhstan – August 2016

“I have liked all my time in OHLA. Because I have met fabulous people and I have learn more in English. The teacher and the staff are very good. The student residence is the better.”

Kessiah Deschamps – Guadeloupe – August 2016

“The school overall was very cool, a lot of people from all over the world, a meeting point of all cultures. The teachers were amazing especially their abilities to interact with students.”

Riccardo Pravettoni – Italy – August 2016

“I was impressed by student residence and teachers. Teachers are nice and they are always ready to help/explain something you do not understand. If we are talking about student residence I also liked every single thing about it, it is very comfortable, as well as it is not far from school that makes everything easy.”

Anastasia Anisimova – Russia – July 2016

“It was a fantastic experience, the teacher was super, and my student residence was clean and without problems.”

Matteo Piccoli – Italy – July 2016

“Nice atmosphere in the classroom, great school.”

Julien Leclercq – France – July 2016

“I enjoy studying here. Also I am satisfied with my teacher. Students and staff are perfect.”

Aghamyant Lilia  – Russia  – July  2016

“My experience was excellent because of teacher who was amazing.”

Roman Vygnich – Russia  – July  2016

“I had a great experience in OHLA, I’m so happy I had the opportunity to come and learn to this school because I improved so much in speaking, grammar and specially presentations. I used to be so ashamed of speaking English, but now I have a lot of confidence in myself. I am really thankful with OHLA because of them I grow up in English.”

Salome Gabriela – El Salvador  – July  2016

“To tell the truth, it was very interesting weekends, People are very kind and positive ,i liked extracurricular activities, but  what about lessons. i prefer to have more speaking practice, than to do exercises in the book.”

Sofia Khaybulina – Russia  – July  2016

“Firstly, i can say that i improved speaking.There are a lot of students from different countries with who you can speak,discuss etc.Here i made new friends. On our lessons we had a lot of conversations, we tried to improve our grammar and extend vocabulary. MY hostmother is pretty cool:)When i will come back to my country,i am going to tell every about this school.  ”

Gayday Slava – Russia  – July  2016

“The experience with the organisation in the school is very good. I liked is to have had 3 teachers in the 2 weeks.  The teachers were different in doing their job, but it was for me very interesting and I learned much from them. ”

Frank Rainer  – Germany  – July  2016

“My experience here in ohla was very good. My teachers were very good, Monica made us talk a lot and improve my speaking skills (that was what i wanted to improve the most)  and Amy explained very well the Toefl , and she taught us a lot of strategies for doing well in the exam. I had a very good experience and i learned a lot. ”

Tomas – Italy  – July  2016

“This was one of the most important experience of my life. My class was really good and we did a lot of work with the teacher who was really competent. I think I improved my English as well was possible in 2 weeks. Here I found friends and beautiful people. I’m sure that I will return here. THANKS OHLA! ”

Marta Di Costa – Italy  – July  2016

“The school is very nice and it is very well located. Teachers are great specially my morning teacher, Monica and my TOEFL teacher, Amy. They are very good at teaching and they made me entertain a lot in their lessons. I’ve learnt more grammar, vocabulary and I’ve improved my speaking and listening skills. I would really recommend this school, I’ve had a great experience here and I made a lot of friends.”

Gabriel Contini – Italy  – July  2016

“In general my experience in OHLA was excellent. I really enjoyed the courses,  my classmates from different countries so i learned not only English also, about different cultures.  Besides, the school provides excellent facilities.  i am so glad to have chosen OHLA ”

Jennifer Martinez Garcia  – Spain  – July  2016

“The teachers are really prepared. Emy is the best. I enjoyed every lesson here at school and the residence was pretty good.”

Giuseppe Rizzi – Italy  – July  2016

“Well, I had such a great time here. The teachers are very polite and funny. The activities were great too! My host family was very lovely and they took care of me when I was sick.”

Alena Platzgummer – Italy  – July  2016

“I completely like it! I had great teachers, incredibly cool host family and i enjoyed activities.”

Anastasia Barmotina – Russia  – July  2016

“Everything was perfect. I met a lot of people from different countries  and learned a lot about different cultures. i am looking forward to coming back here.”

Vladislav KIselev – Russia  – July  2016

“Great. I spent good moments at school, with great teachers.”

Roux Laurine – France  – July  2016

“People in ohla are very friendly and they are always opened to support with any problem we have.”

Beatriz Oliveira – Brazil  – June  2016

“I have been in Ohla for 10 months and it was a really nice experience. The facilities are well prepared and the teachers too. Very interactive classes. I had a great time.”

Alexander Marin – Venezuela – June  2016

“This have been one of my best experience in life! I improved a lot my English and I really thank you  to all the ohla staff”

Genesis Mendes – Venezuela – June  2016

“I would like  to thank every one at the school, they are friendly and they helped me when I need help. Thank  you. ”

Samar Alqhtany – Saudi Arabia – June  2016

“The people here are very friendly, my teacher was awesome and we had a lot of fun in class. I am very happy that I chosen the OHLA School. Thank you ”

Virginia Thaler – Italy – June  2016

“I was 2 months, the school was really good also the student were very friendly, and the teachers were very helpful. ”

Ahmed – Saudi Arabia – May  2016

“I’ve choose Ohla because after visiting other English Schools it was the one that caught my attention the most because of its warm and familiar environment. I’ve followed my instinct  and It felt right. The teachers are so amazing and friendly that it broke my heart to live the school. I’ve learned English, made friends, felt at home and I’m taking home unforgettable memories. Thank you so much.”

Marilalia Rodriguez – Brazil – May  2016

“It  was a great experience to be at the OHLA school. If you need something people who work in OHLA school are present for you .”

Chloe Combe – France – May  2016

“First of all a want to say that I have enjoy the time in OHLA. My teacher Ludwin make it pretty good. In this short time I have improve my English grammar. I find that the activities are also good because you are in contact with other students. .”

Peter Mukana – Germany- May  2016

“I really liked it, I always enjoy getting to meet people from all around the world, and since English is the only language we all understand, is faster to learn it.”

Sybilla Porto -Colombia-April  2016

“All the experience was really good, I had good times and I learned many things.”

Dayana Rojas -Venezuela-April  2016

“I remember my first day in OHLA was very good. Now i speak more English. I have friends of another country. Maybe i will come back to Miami.”

Hector Zerpa -Venezuela-April  2016

“I have been here almost one year and it was a very good experience. I really like the school and the teachers. The activities were always dynamic. ”

Aymara Villa -Argentina-April  2016

“Everything was great! Teachers and students are so friendly, supportive and upbeat. Thank you so much for this opportunity to meet kind and interesting people from different corners of the world. I wish, I could stay here.”

Ksenia Verlan -Russian Federation-April  2016

“I think good teachers, staff, residence.  everyone is very kind. I want to study here again.”

Yumi Eguchi -Japan-April  2016

“I’m very happy to share this time at OHLA. I think the teachers are very good, specially Dunieski..I had learned very much with him. Also the people who work in the school are attentive and warm. Good luck for all!!!”

Adriana Faillace -Venezuela-April  2016

” I like everything in the  school, all staff, teachers and also students who study here. Thank you for amazing time and useful knowledge.”

Anna Virovka -Ukraine-March  2016

” The atmosphere was fantastic, all teachers were very friendly and I had lots of fun.”

Anna Semenova -Russia-March  2016

” My class was great I will never forget my experience at OHLA and my teachers.”

Ladislav Vesely -Czech Republic-March  2016

” I just want to say thank you so much ,I really  learned a lot  of things, and I got the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people  I am really happy   for being part of this school.”

Jessica Tibaduiza -Colombia-March  2016

“It was very useful and productive time. I learned a lot. My teacher Maria was excellent. I am moving to other School with more acknowledged that I had when I started. Thanks.”

Jammel Llanos – Venezuela – March  2016

“Everything was perfect . I am so grateful for being with amazing student and staff.”

Ghadah Tursun – Riyadh – February  2016

“Its very good for new students.”

Mohammed Almarri – Saudi Arabia – February  2016

“When I came to ohla I was surprised by the facilities and my first teacher Amy who was amazing and taught me a lot of tools that now are very useful to speak and write, Boris was excellent and he improved my pronunciation. .”

Ana Ordonez – Colombia – February  2016

“When I came to ohla I was surprised by the facilities and my first teacher Amy who was amazing and taught me a lot of tools that now are very useful to speak and write, Boris was excellent and he improved my pronunciation. .”

Ana Ordonez – Colombia – February  2016

“Perfect environment to learn, friendly staff, good technology and classrooms, teachers prepared and good books..”

Astrid Cano – Colombia – February  2016

“Its’s an excellent institution.”

Fabiola Vera – Venezuela – February  2016

“My experience at OHLA was amazing. The people that I met here, the teacher, the course, everything contributed for me to improve my English.”

Natalia Aires – Brazil – January 2016

“I found it very cool, I learned a lot things, a really cool experience..”

Leticia Stoltenborg-Brazil – January 2016

“The classes that I have attended were very nice, the staff is very kind, my host parents are amazing and I enjoyed the activities.”

Andrea Almeida-Brazil – January 2016

“I like my experience in Miami and in OHLA, the teachers, staff, host family, classroom was very cool..”

Paulo Pacheco Brazil- January 2016

“In OHLA very good staff. I like my teacher, she very good teacher.”

Karimov Ruslan- Kazakhstan – December 2015

“I had a very good experience at the school. The staff is very easy going, friendly because they help all the time if you need information about everything in Miami. I had very good teacher. And the student residence is also a great place.”

Sonia Cantinol- Martinique – December 2015

“My experience was perfect. I love this school. I made a video about school and I recommended every student who wants to have a perfect English. Thanks OHLA and Thanks teachers .”

Andrea Labusova- Martinique – December 2015

“I had an amazing experience here, everybody is cool and i met a lot of people from many country. the staff is perfect.”

Sebastien Lorto – Martinique – November 2015

“I feel satisfied and very happy and thankfull to Ohla school, I improved my English knowledge.”

Federico Stabellini – Italy – October 2015

“I relay hope to study here again, maybe next year because I enjoyed every time in the school and I met a lot of interesting people here.”

Wallace Budia – Brasil – October 2015

“My teacher really gave me all the tools to manage the Toefl .She is excellent and so sweet.”

Maria Rojas – Chile – October 2015

“The Teachers and staff are really, really always available to help you. My class was excellent.”

Madge Salomon – Martinique – October 2015

“My experience at the school were very good. I liked the teachers, the student residence, classes. I want return OHLA, maybe next year.”

Bruna Budia – Brasil – October 2015

“All the teachers are very very very nice, staff too. Brickell Residence is quiet and cool, my classes were very cool.”

Dalila Herzogenrath – France – September 2015

“Probably Amy is the best English teacher that I ever have.”

Sergio Sacristan – Spain – September 2015

“I’m very satisfy, it was a very good experience and it’s a good option to improve English. My teacher was friendly and I very appreciate his lesson. The staff is also really good and is very present if you need help. Thank You.”

Kowal Barbara – France – September 2015

“I think everybody here are really friendly and kind.. teachers are professionals,and very patient.. they have a lot of understanding for students and they give 100 % of themselves to help us and to teach us English. I think the school and program is very interesting so we have ability to learn English and have fun and enjoy Miami. thank you everyone for being so nice.”

Ivana Sljivar – Serbia – September 2015

“It’s was very good. everybody is nice with the students. The school is good there is a good ambiance very friendly. The teachers are very funny and nice they are teaching very well. Brickell residence is good too”

Nora Jerpan – Guadeloupe – August 2015

“Very good… I Improve my English and create a good network.”

Lucas Silva – Brasil – August 2015

“I loved this experience! It was so easy for me to make friends all around the world. OHLA is special because you are obligated to speak only English in order to learn more, so the only way I had to communicate with my friends was by speaking this language.”

Andreina Jimenez – Venezuela – August 2015

“I really enjoyed the time in OHLA, because I learned english and the school filled my expectations, also, I met good people here (Cliff, Luz, Ludwin, Fernando and Wioletta) I need to say thank you for all of them because they made me felt more comfortable and when I needed help they been there.”

Catalina Agudelo – Colombia – August 2015

“Every things were excellent: the teacher, the activities, the staff and the residence. I really appreciate my teacher, he was really good. I will miss OHLA.”

Laurence Pauly – Martinique – August 2015

“Open Hearts is a perfect school. You can learn every thing not just English.”

Ibrahim Alsohaim – Saudi Arabia – July 2015

“Good lessons.Well equipped classrooms.Excellent teacher.Very exiting activity and kind family.”

Elizaveta Fefelova – Russia – July 2015

“I really enjoyed being here, with international students from all over the world, my host family for my 3rd week was Josefina, she’ s really one of the nicest people I know. I liked being surrounded by new international friends and have the opportunity to speak English.”

Barbora Kockova – Czech Republic – July 2015

“I’m from France and i really like the class in America. They are more interesting. The teachers are really nice. They like their jobs.”

Martin Haudry de Soucy – France – July 2015

“Teachers and staff are very welcoming and friendly. The school provides good facilities and the recommended residence is very nice. It’s awesome that we can use the swimming pools for free”

Reto Jost – France – July 2015

“Lessons were very interesting, and the teacher was very good and help us a lot.”

Agathe Ravenel – France – June 2015

“I’m lucky that i have the chance to get lessons with Mrs. Lucie”

Fayrouz Koubaissi – Lebanon – June 2015

“It was an amazing experience for me. I could improve my English language skills and enjoy a nice city. I liked the classes as well the residence. I didn’t have any problem.”

Marcus Souza – Brazil  – June 2015

“I enjoy studying in OHLA School, and I like to that all students from different part of the world which make me speak English with them all time”

Talal Alshammari – Saudi Arabia – June 2015

“I really like OHLA, I found the school through internet and I was impressed about the positive comments, so I decided to take the class. I like the teacher, the services and the classroom. I really like the environment, the classroom and all the equipment.”

Marina Trimboli – Italy  – June 2015

“I had an excellent experience at the school, with all of my class mates, teacher… I enjoyed all of this time being here and I will go satisfied at the University. Thanks OHLA for everything I learned.”

Carolina Rojas Montoya – Colombia – May 2015

“I wanna thank all the staff for help and support”

Zeyad Alzahrani – Saudi Arabia – May 2015

“Thank you (OHLA) for your help, I am so happy and surprised because I never saw school like this. I think now I know English better.”

Iryna Styfunko – Kiev – May 2015

“It was a really great experience in OHLA Miami, my teachers were nice! I met many new people from different countries.”

Louise Dupuich – France – May 2015

“I’m very glad to be here at OHLA School and I met many students from all the world for me this is a good experience. I improve my English a lot”

Abdullah farajallah – Jordan – May 2015

“The School is very good to person who want to learn very fast. I really like this school”

Edris Alibik – Libya – May 2015

“I had a good experience in OHLA. I learned a lot of things and I also met wonderful people”

Rosangela Bruno – Venezuela – May 2015

“I had a great time. I’ve chosen this school due to all the positive reviews on the net, and actually I was extremely satisfied. Teacher gave us a great time, and the extra-school activities were just great”

Daniele Barbieri – Italy – May 2015

“My experience at the school has been amazing. All of the people here help you when you need anything. I have learnt a lot in my class, the teachers are very funny and invite you to participate in class.”

Francisco Bote Capote – Spain – April 2015

“My experience was very good . I feel very comfordable with the teachers and all of programs in the school. For me it’s the best school that I had been to”

Iva Rodriguez – Cuba – April 2015

“The staff are very kind and helpful. The outside activities that the school provides are very fun and interesting.”

Danielle Rocha – Brazil – March 2015

“My experience was good with teachers in general.”

Yuli Tovar – Colombia – February 2015

“My host family is wonderful, I love there. The school is very interesting and my teacher is very cool, great school.”

Gustavo Borges – Brazil – February 2015

“My experience at the school was excellent. I learn a lot of new things. Improved my language and became more confident in grammar, speaking, and writing. Also, I met a lot of new people from all over the world and enjoyed being here”

Natiya Gotsiridze – Georgial, Russia – January 2015

“The school OHLA is very good, the teachers. CLIFF AND JOHNNY are professionals experience and very good.”

Marcus Reis – Brazil – January 2015

“I think this school is very good. All people work here are so friendly. My teacher is so fanny, intelligent and their classes are pleasant. I like very much this experience.”

Viviane Bonetti Goncalves de Jesus – Brazil – January 2015

“I think so, the time here was perfect and I would like recommend more information to my friends about OHLA.”

Viktoria Blazickova – Slovakia – January 2015

“I had a good experience here. Liked my teachers and my friends. The rooms are comfortable and have good facilities. People who work at school are friendly and they take care of all the students.”

Roberta Pedrini – Brazil – January 2015

“Well, my experience here was really satisfactory because I met new people, new friends, I learned really good and I really thankful for my teachers she is an unforgettable for me.”

Carlos Villavicencio – Venezuela – December 2014

“In my opinion the school residence is excellent, the teacher ALVARO helped me a lot and my English improved a lot with him. When you need something the staff help you in every moment.”

Eleanora Nevone – Genova – December 2014

“Very good experience, the teachers are great, LUDWIN and ALVARO have such a good positive influence on the students. And the staff is great and helpful. Thanks to LUZ AND LUCY.”

Mohamed Hfizi – Saudi Arabia – December 2014

“I can say in OHLA was pretty nice experience. I liked our classes, the teachers were friendly. All staff always try to help. And I really glad I have been here.”

Evgenia Usacheva – Russia – November 2014

“I am happy to be here with different nations people in the school. The teacher is good, specially Mr. BORIS who delivers the lecture very clear and can maintain the class discipline, good job, so that this reaches the benefit of other students, especially the Asian ones which are not speaking westernized languages.”

Wing kee patraick SIU – Hong Kong, China – November 2014

“I would like to say OHLA have a lot of different country people i could meet new friends i have experienced also OHLA teachers are very friendly, my host family was so friendly.”

Kareem Ozcetin – Turkey – November 2014

“The teachers are good, the activities too and the classes very interesting. I am happy because I learn English.”

Maria Laura Medina -Venezuela – October 2014

“I had a great time in OHLA the level for my English has improved more than I expected. I’ll recommended it for my friends.”

Leandro Espino – Brazil – October 2014

“I had a good experience here in OHLA. I have improved my English and this was very important. I do not have anything to complain about the school or the student residence. Everything here, happened as I have planned.”

Camila Nannini Linz – Brazil – October 2014

“It’s a very good experience, the teachers are very good an OHLA program too. I could meet some people from different countries.”

Hugo Robotti – France – September 2014

“OHLA helped me a lot in improving my English skills.”

Kateryna Gunova – Ukraine – September 2014

“Very good experience at the school, my teachers are excellent. Activities and classes very good.”

Diana Luna – Colombia – September 2014

“My experience is very good, i like the class, teachers and staff. I come back next year.”

Sonia Addesse – Venezuela – September 2014

“The experience at OHLA was very good, the teachers are helping you to improve your level. The staff is giving many advises and facilitation. The residence is so good.”

Yassine Namane – Morocco – September 2014

“My experience was good because I learn a lot and I had a good teacher and I liked the class.”

Andres Moreno – Venezuela – September 2014

“I am planning to come back to this school for studying English.”

Ekaterina Popova – Russia – September 2014

“Fantastic experience that introduced me new friends from all around the world, fantastic teacher and perfect residence.”

Lorenzo Cicinelli – Italy – September 2014

“I would like you say thank you for my teachers. They are the best I have ever met! Also grew of the school are very friendly!”

Vasyl Braga – Ukraine – March 2019

“It was very good because I could learn that I knew before enter in this program. The classes were really clean.”

Jackeline Zelada Rengifo – Peru – March 2019

“My teacher Areli was the best for me. She is so cute and smart, everybody should have class with her someday. The school have a good location and good infrastructure. All the employees are very kind and polite, especially Luz.”

Giovanna Burigatto – Brazil – February 2019

“My time at OHLA was amazing. I improved my fluency in English and also my written skills. The teacher was excellent. She is professional and very nice. The whole experience was outstanding.”

Liz Adela Cruz – Cuba – February 2019

“I believe that it was super helpful to me. And the teacher was one of the best teacher that I had.”

Armando Garcia de Garcia – Brazil – February 2019

“The experience was wonderful. I learned a lot not only from my teacher, but also from other students. The teacher Vanessa is really nice and she always pushes her students to talk in class most of the time with a variety of topics that are controversial in our society.”

Harold Mensa – Colombia – February 2019

“My teacher Irina was my best teacher in my life.”

Daria Skachkova – Russia – January 2019

“My time at OHLA was excellent. I improved my English a lot. I’d like to thank you especially my teachers Dunieski, Boris an Pollyne and Vanessa for all shared knowledge.”

Luciana Sadi – Brazil – January 2019

“It’s a very good school, I had a great time here. Definitely this school was what I need to learn English. Vanessa, Boris and Duniesky are great teachers.”

Salvador De La Torriente – Cuba – January 2019

“It was the first time that I was happy to wake up in the morning knowing that I was going to school. I was also very lucky to have the best teacher that I ever had and all the staff was welcoming, it was a pleasure to be here.”

Issey Kuti Clarck Boulet-Tongier – France – December 2018

“I had a great experience to study in OHLA. It’s was a good environment.”

Abdulrahman Alshammari – Saudi Arabia – December 2018

“It was so good, fun and I want to come back on my next holidays.”

Cristine Parazzi Cochon – Spain – December 2018

“Staff is very friendly; teachers are good, they concerned about students learning.”

Patricia Retamal – Chile – December 2018

“My teacher was the best. I liked that I was alone from my country in my class.”

Aleksei Ostapenko – Russia – November 2018

“I loved it OHLA because they helped to improve my English and achieve my biggest dream.”

Prachi Lalwani – Venezuela – November 2018

“It was an amazing time for me. The staff is very friendly and helpful.”

Birgit Trebo – Italy – November 2018

“I enjoy really much my experience at OHLA, it help me to perfection my English and to improve my level for my master degree. My teacher was great very efficient.”

Juliana Silva – Colombia – October 2018

“A school that definitely deserves an evaluation of 5 stars. The school itself, its location, the training system, teachers, staff – all this at a level that allows you to enjoy learning and with pleasure immerse yourself in this new English atmosphere for you.Of course I’m glad that I got here, in this wonderful OHLA family. Thank you;)”

Elina Kozlova – Russia – October 2018

“My time at the school was excellent. I learned a lot of things. Thank you so much for teachers, administrations and a director.”

Aigerim – Kazakhstan – October 2018

“The environment was very friendly; the teachers and the students are so helpful.”

Abdulrahamn Alluqmani – Saudi Arabia – September 2018

“Everything was excellent. I had a cool teacher with interesting ways of teaching. I fall in love in OHLA school once again.”

Ivan Tyunin – Russia – September 2018

“Good experience / friendly students and teachers.”

Marie Schulz – Germany – September 2018

“Best school to learn English and enjoy Miami. I love it.”

Sergi Llop Penella – Spain – September 2018

“I really like this school. They gave me good knowledge. I met a lot of friends here. I like my teacher Roy and Vadi they are the best. I LOVE OHLA!!”

Aida Bolyskhan – Kazakhstan – August 2018

“Teachers are great, always there to help and provide assistance when needed.”

Petar Kosanovic – Serbia – August 2018

“My experience in OHLA was amazing. I made many friends here and my teacher Mr. Boris and Mr. Dunieski taught me a lot not only in English but also the knowledge of life experience.”

Yilong Xu – China – August 2018

“I’m really satisfied with my stay in Miami, the class was serious but fun, I improved a lot my English. I’m thinking of doing a trip like that the next year. Thank you for everything.”

Raphaelle Dodart – France – August 2018

“My experience was the best experience of my life. Even if I wanted I couldn’t find any mistakes or disadvantages of OHLA. My first teacher Boris, now he is an academic director, was perfect, I loved him and was enjoying classes thanks to him. Everybody here was so helpful with everything, especially Fabian, Daniel and Luz. This experience gave me not just great improvement in my English, but also friendships that will last forever.”

Michaela Boledovicova – Slovakia – August 2018

“Very friendly stuff, nice classrooms. I loved my teachers, especially Dunieski and Boris! In the time Luzy was the Academic Director, she was very helpful. Some organization was confusing, for example I didn’t know that there were so many exams and oral/written tasks. In summary everything was very nice.”

Vanessa Hoefner – Germany – August 2018

“Good teachers. Nice level of education.”

Valeria Muraveva – Russia – July 2018

“I really like to study at OHLA, good teachers and helpful staff. I will come back to study at OHLA.”

Ida Pellegrino – Brazil – July 2018

“My time in OHLA was nice the teachers were welcoming and of great assistance I made good friends and improved my level of English.”

Cesare Felice – Argentina – July 2018

“I like it. It is a very interesting experience for me.”

Angelina Muravyeva – Russia – July 2018

“It was an amazing experience, because I met people from everywhere and teacher are so good.”

Xavier Granda – Ecuador – June 2018

“My experience was excellent. I enjoyed my whole period here which was super long. However, at OHLA I met a lot of good people, new friends, excellent teachers as Boris, Rebecca, Vanessa and Ludwing. I see OHLA as an excellent school to learn English because they take very serious their jobs.”

Daniel Pena – Venezuela – June 2018

“I really love my experience at OHLA! My teacher is very good and I make many friends here. I`ll be back!”

Camila Talarico – Brazil – June 2018

“I enjoyed a lot learning English in OHLA with the classmates, teachers and organization. Morning class are very interesting and the book too.”

Laura Mouly – France – June 2018

“I like this school is very nice and the teachers are amazing. My time here in OHLA School was very great and admire a lot the people here are very nice. This school is awesome. Teacher Roy Frienkel is amazing and in my opinion is the best teacher I ever had.”

Eric Cubilla – Panama – June 2018

“It was a very experience for me. I make a lot of friends here. I improved my level of language. Thank you.”

Snezhana Zotikova – Russia – May 2018

“I like my teacher and classmates. Teacher always explain well. My classmates are very friendly and they are from all over the world.”

Olgunay Gurbuz – Turkey – May 2018

“I had a good time at school. I like Miami and this school.”

Natsuko Toyama – Japan – May 2018

“It is a greatest school I had ever been at my life to learned English, I will recommend OHLA for all of my friend. Kind people and smart teachers and strong program.”

Abdullah Al-Battahien – Saudi Arabia – April 2018

“I have a good experience in OHLA School, the best school for me. I learned so much.”

Gabriel Silva – Brazil – March 2018

“It was great time, I’m sure I will back here next year.”

Kamil Marciszewski – Poland – March 2018


“Was my first experience out my country learning English and was a very positive experience. I would like to mention the energy and patience of my teacher Irina to tech.”

Rafael Palacios Resa – Spain – March 2018

“OHLA and the staff were amazing. The teachers have the capability to teach in a very good way that you can learn easier that you expect and be part of your life in OHLA. Those memories I will keep it with my forever. The experience was unique and if I had the chance I would like to come back to OHLA.”

Tania Leiva – Nicaragua – March 2018


“Pauline was very important for my grammar and Alton was very important for my usual speaking so that is why I very needed combination of these tutors. These tutors are professionals – I think the teaching of the intermediate level is not easy job…”

Pavel Stastny – Czech Republic – February 2018

“Good teachers and well organized programs.”

Rocio Rosell – Cuba – February 2018

“The teachers are very helpful and highly experienced, classes are useful and effective. The environment in the school is perfect. Everybody are polite and ready to help specially the school stuff.”

Yuliya Shymko – Belarus – February 2018

“For me that school was really good. My teacher led the lessons very well, in modern way. Class mates were kind and polite… I would like to stay there longer, but… It was one of the best adventures in my life.”

Damian Figas – Poland – January 2018

“My experience at OHLA School was very good, a good classmate, a good teacher and a very well experience for me because now I know new people, new lessons and more…”

Lalanne Kevin – Martinique- January 2018

“My time in OHLA was a great. I spent here almost six months, I felt like in family. OHLA for me was a great place to meet a lot of people from many countries. Also the system here is good. The staff of OHLA were polite. Teachers were very kind, helpful and exciting to teach in the best ways. The environment in school is totally nice. Thank you.”

Saud Albishri – Saudi Arabia – January 2018

“I very appreciate my teacher for provided opportunities to speak and discuss not only the class materials but many interesting things related to the American society, politics, businesses.”

Konstantin Borodin – Russia – December 2017

“I think that in this school I could improve my English a lot, I already did some schools here in the US, but OHLA made the difference. I am thankful for everything and the people I met here. Roy Frankiel and Boris Navarro were the best teachers.”

Manuela Britto – Brazil – December 2017

“My teacher was the best, his classes are very interesting and fun, we talk all the time and that is a best thing making students to talk with each other. Class mates are very nice people and good friends”

Branislav Stevanovic – Serbia – December 2017

“My time at OHLA was good. I had great time with the teachers specially Ludwin, Pedro and Boris they were very patience with me and I really appreciated my classes with them, they are indeed good teachers. Luz is one of the most patience woman after my mom I met. I know that I have been giving her much work but she’s the best. My whole experience at OHLA was truly good.”

Joselia Silva – Angola – December 2017

“I have appreciate all this moment with many collegues people from all countries.”

Federico Marcello Orru – Italy – December 2017

“Alton Rose is the best teacher. He is always ready to help, explain. He is very clever and kind. As he says we need to study a lot and do not waste our valuable time for nothing. He recommends to practice English every single day and if you have a goal, you need to work hard and achieve it. I am happy to be his student.”

Iliana Valiullina – Russia – November 2017

“I liked the class and the method of teaching.”

Velmor Baldassim – Brazil – November 2017

“The teachers were very kind, polite, professional.”

Liudmila Karpova – Russia – November 2017

“I have liked so much all the things in this school. The teacher is wonderful.”

Luiz Oliveira – Brazil – October 2017

“Boris is an excellent teacher who is able to associate fun and study. The activities of the school are very pleasant and a good way to meet people from other countries.”

Danielle Kerber – France – October 2017

“It was wonderful time to join with OHLA and study English everybody was friendly and helpful when you need anything also my teacher she was exciting and funny during class also she was professional and expert I like it every minute I lived with my friend at OHLA.”

Alrasheedy – Saudi Arabia – October 2017

“The experience was very good and I could improve my level of English. I feel more confident now. Thank you for all.”

Nestor Mora – Venezuela – October 2017

“My time here was absolutely awesome. I love it as much as I can. My teacher in morning class was brilliant, we had a fun with him and for me he was big supporter. In afternoon class it was absolutely the same. I’ll miss everyone from school. I LOVE IT HERE.”

Samuel Tomascin – Slovakia – September 2017

“My experience at was fabulous! The teachers, the accommodation and the opportunity to make friends – everything was of great value to me. I’m gonna miss it a lot. But I will definitely return! Thank you so much!”

Viktoria Litvinova – Russia – September 2017

“The school is more demanding that what I have expected, which it is very good because I come here to learn and improve my English level. As more demanding the teachers were, more opportunities to maximize myself!”

Dolores Conget – Argentina – September 2017

“I enjoyed very much the TOEFL program with all of what it contained, from the teacher who was very enthusiastic, through the abilities to the content of the learning program.”

Emmanuelle – France – September 2017

“The small number of people in one class were awesome to communicate and discuss a lot during the lessons. My teachers (I had 3) were very nice and their English easy to understand.”

Amber Lea Herzig – Germany – September 2017

“I really enjoyed to visit this school, my teacher always explained me the things, which I didn’t understand. Here I met a lot of kind people, especially Lucy, thank you for all, I met new foreign friends here, my classmates, I like this school, I will recommend it to everyone!”

Dilnaz Abdilmanova – Kazakhstan – August 2017

“The OHLA school its amazing, I recommend of course!! My teacher help me a lot, and I see my evolution here.”

Lucy Mendes – Brazil – August 2017

“Both teachers are professionals. They always motivate you to participate in class activities, they are very kind and attentive. They let every student to express ideas. Classes include reading, grammar, listening and speaking along with playing games, singing songs and so on. Overall, my experience was exciting and unforgettable!”

Anastasia Sinegaeva – Russia – August 2017

“I was very satisfied with my teacher. My class was not as crowded as I thought it would which surprised me in good way. Boris – my teacher – was really great and helped me with my problems concerning punctuation, clauses etc.”

Filip Thein – Czech Republic – August 2017

“It’s always nice experience to talk and share moments with people who are not from Serbia. Wayne is a man who understands life and has a lot of experience from it that he can share to his students. Sir Wayne Rogers has my 10/10 rate.”

Filip Dordevic – Serbia – August 2017

“Our first teacher Rebecca was an excellent and perfect person for all of us. We really enjoyed learning English by her. Thanks to her. Activities with Fabian was useful to know the city and fun. Jenny and Wioletta were very kind and helpful too.”

Suzan Maya – Turkey – August 2017

“I had a very good experience at OHLA. If something was unclear, I had the possibility to ask my teacher.”

Sophie Ooijevaar – Netherlands – August 2017

“Time spended in school gave me a lot from English language. The lessons were very effective and we played games to reach our vocabulary. I think OHLA school is the best to learn English and listen to different accents.”

Veronika Cserhalmiova – Slovakia – July 2017

“I love everything, everything was perfect, the time that I spend in Miami was awesome! The teacher always attend my doubts and I learned so much.”

Nicole Konell – Brazil – July 2017

“I liked my school and my teacher, I’m sure that I improved my English and I’m happy that I had such a great time here! :)”

Elizaveta Gusarova – Russia – July 2017

“I really enjoyed my time here, the classes and activity. I had fun but learned a lot as well.”

Mina Aparisi – France – July 2017

“I really enjoyed my time in Miami, my teacher was the best, she made me learn and have fun at the same time my classmates were super cool and I really had a good time.”

Kenza Coulibaly – Ivory Coast – July 2017

“I spent here a really good time. I met a lot of good people. I will definitely miss Fabian and his activities. I think my teacher was pretty good but very strict and the first 2 weeks there were only 4 people in my class and it was really good.”

Viktoria Stykova – Slovakia – July 2017

“My time at school was very interesting! I learn lots of many things, and I met people of around the world! This experience was so good! I would like to stay here!”

Charlotte Le Meur – France – July 2017

“I liked so much and I’ll return in December 2017.”

Luiz Claudio Falarz – Brazil – July 2017

“OHLA has a good and comfortable atmosphere, where everyone who needs help receives it. The staff and the teachers are very friendly and they help you with everything. I learned so many new things and I’m really thankful that I had the opportunity to attend OHLA.”

Carina Wagner – Germany – June 2017

“Feel like the teachers were very receptive and easygoing. And I had luck with my class as well.”

Emiliano Garcia – Spain – June 2017

“I liked the school a lot, everyone is so friendly and helpful. They help you out to achieve whatever you are looking for.”

Gabriela Nieto – Mexico – June 2017

“Very friendly and pleasant environment.”

Michaela Minovska – Czech Republic – June 2017

“I like the school very much, it is a very good school and my teacher was very good too. I improve my English and I met a lot of nice people.”

Isabella Cavalli – Italy – June 2017

“Very good teacher, Ludwin is a very good person and excellent teacher.”

Eduardo Fuentes – Chile – June 2017

“The academic method was really appropriated for our necessities. Also, that was wonderful that the school provided us with another kind of activities, like: Go to the beach, barbecues, visit museum, etc.”

Manuel Cartagena – Colombia – May 2017

“I liked this time at the school, because all students are very nice and my teacher really funny. I will remember this time with smile.”

Daria Strakhova – Russia – May 2017

“My experience in OHLA was very positive. Teachers and the whole staff are professional and competent. I learned a lot in only two months in this school and I hope to came back the next year.”

Maxime Arnaud – France – May 2017

“Excellent teacher and knowledge of English Language. Interesting education program.”

Eldar Matmusaev – Russia – May 2017

“Pedro is an excellent teacher, I learned a lot with him. I met a lot of friends here. For me, it was a good experience.”

Negre Isabelle – France – April 2017

“My overall experience was excellent! I loved the teachers I’ve had, specially Boris who was the one I had over the whole advanced 2 level. The activities OHLA offers were great and I had a great time!”

Maria Clara Ziadi – Argentina – April 2017

“I think that I had a pretty good experience in OHLA. I have learned a lot at school or at home with discussing with the other students. It is really nice to have activities to know what we can do day by day.”

Pauline Tatlot – France – March 2017

“The teachers help me to get a better English even if I`m not fluent I feel comfortable thanks to them. The staff are very nice and take the time to listen to us.”

Laetitia Sambou – France – March 2017

“The school is excellent and my teacher too, he really try to teach us every aspect that we need to improve our skill. I appreciate his teaching style and the school in general was exceptional.”

Natalia Saldarriaga – Colombia – March 2017

“Everything was perfect, I learned a lot of things here. My teachers were really friendly. I loved everything here. Thanks OHLA.”

Felix Campos – Venezuela – March 2017

“My teacher was very good and help me a lot in my TOEFL preparation.”

Ekaterina Bakhmutova – Russia – March 2017

“It was a good experience, I think I have increase my English because when I came to the school I had a lot of problem to speak, but now I can speak with the people.”

Denis Allegritti – Italy – March 2017

“The school is very good. My teacher, Joe, is excellent. He is a very good teacher. The staff is very excellent too.”

Lisa Rosier – France – March 2017

“The school is well located, staff are very friendly, teacher was excellent. He is smart, intelligent, well informed, he is good to teach younger people because he controls them very well.”

Simone Deeke Grutzmacher – Brazil – March 2017

“Everything is great! A had a very good time here and I want to thank everyone!”

Sergii Kuzmenko – Ukraine – March 2017

“My experience in OHLA is good, because here have good teachers, I appreciate my teachers Ludwin and Pedro, the staff in OHLA very good the information.”

Luis Cevallos – Peru – February 2017

“OHLA is a great place to learn English, there are a lot of people coming from all over the world. Overall I liked it and I wish I could have stayed longer.”

Henry Vong – France – February 2017

“OHLA is a very school, I learn a lot. Excellent teachers.”

Monica Maldonado – Venezuela – January 2017

“School teachers and members of staff are very kind.”

Taichi Taniguchi – Japan – January 2017

“This is my second time in OHLA and everything goes good.”

Abdalla Hasan – Libya – January 2017

“I like all of staff in an OHLA. They are helpfully, like family always got support. My teacher was so good, in class I felt myself free and I didn’t afraid to ask something, and when I said some words with mistakes teacher Ludwin always corrected me. For me it’s was important. What about student residence, I can say it’s good apartment, I would suggest international students to live there.”

Hanna Kazlovich – Belarus – January 2017

“I really enjoyed being here, the staff are amazing, students and teachers.”

Abdulaziz Alghareeb – Saudi Arabia – December 2016

“I really had great time in this school, there are very good teachers and the best experience that I’ve have here is that I met many students around the world.”

Antonio Delgado – Venezuela – December 2016

“I really like the school because I never thought that strangers can be so kind and friendly even though everyone from very different countries, traditions and culture.”

Zalikhon Khaydarova – Uzbekistan – December 2016

“I had a great experience at OHLA specially because I got to know lots of people from different countries and cultures. Also, I could practice and improve my speaking and writing skills thanks to the assignments and class tasks. I think the lessons are very good and the teachers too!!! Grateful to all OHLA staff for being so nice :)”

Nicole Lehmann – Venezuela – December 2016

“I had beautiful time, and enjoyed every lessons with Clifton. Teacher is great, unforgettable. I made a lot of friends here from over the word. That is just perfect experience. Student residence is clean and comfortable. Thank you OHLA for great time. I hope to come back soon.”

Ganna Negliad – Ukraine – December 2016

“I have good time with OHLA, I learned and improve my English because OHLA select good teachers and good material. I hope I will came again to OHLA to cont my English program.”

Hashem Almousa – Saudi Arabia – December 2016

“OHLA is an amazing school, I feel comfortable and satisfy of everything I had learned and people and staff I met in the time I study here. Staff and all people also are amazing! I will completely recommend OHLA to all my friends.”

Gisselle Segura – Honduras – December 2016

“I had a good experience learning at OHLA with the teachers that they gave me the opportunity to improve my basic English. Thanks all of them. It was a great time sharing with students from countries over the world.”

Gil Garcia Andrea – Bolivia – December 2016

“It was a good experience to learn here because the diversity of people from around the world and the teachers Boris and Jackie are good teachers.”

Gerardo Solano – El Salvador – November 2016

“It was one of best experiences I had I made good friends and I improved my English and the teacher was perfect.”

Abdalla Zalitni – Libya – November 2016

“My experience here was really good I met a lot of people from other countries and with different cultures.”

Julio Daboin – Venezuela – November 2016

“The most important thing is that I truly improve my languages skills with a great lessons with Mr. Navarro, he is great teacher! I love everything about OHLA!”

Yana Korzhova – Kazakhstan – November 2016

“I had good experiences at OHLA. Teachers are good. It is easy to make new friends. I learn a lot and I improve my English. The staff is good too.”

Merseigne Bachy Nouvengue Ntovk – Cameroon – November 2016

“OHLA is really good school for practice English. Teacher and staffs is very nice and help me with every things.”

Natthaporn Kulratanamaneeporn – Thailand – October 2016

“I had a great experience at OHLA. The teachers are great especially Amy is an excellent teacher which tries her best to help all the students.”

Petra Cahannes – Switzerland – September 2016

“It was really good to live in residence so close to school. I had only one teacher and he was really good such a professional! I did not expect so many classes here in OHLA.”

Monika Matejickova – Czech Republic – September 2016

“My experience at the school is very nice. I liked the classes and the activities. My teacher is very good.”

Valencia – Colombia – September 2016

“Well, my comment will start with charming teacher he’s good and active I’m so proud of him moreover, I like the facilities that provided by OHLA school also the administration staff and I like the multi-national students it was such a great and fantastic experience being with them in addition the classes are so good and convenient thx.”

Fahad Alanazi – Saudi Arabia – September 2016

“The overall look at the school brings back good memories and great time. The lessons and activities were really interesting.”

Jaroslaw Korbut – Poland – September 2016

“It was good experience for me. My English level is getting better. I met a lot of interesting people.”

Vera Sheveleva – Kazakhstan – August 2016

“OHLA is a excellent academy, I feel very good here. The teachers are so good and the students too. Classes are excellent. I hope come back the next year.”

Gabriela Marcano – Venezuela – August 2016

“Brilliant school, friendly staff, excellent host family, good location, nice activities, I feel like home, thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to improve my English.”

Larisa Loshchinina – Russia – August 2016

“My experience in OHLA has been great. Teachers and staff are very polite and helpful. I enjoyed the activities and the other students.”

Francesca Chiereghin – Italy – August 2016

“Everything was excellent. I’m happy to be in the USA and to study in OHLA this summer. Special thanks for my teacher – Pauline.”

Zoia Bozhevolnaia – Russia – August 2016

“OHLA was a good experience and my teachers were so qualified and professional, also funny. I really enjoyed the experience. Thanks.”

Mariana Martinez – Venezuela – August 2016

“Everything it’s very good facilities, teachers, staff, host families, student residence, activities, classes, etc.”

Mohammed Hanbazazah – Saudi Arabia – August 2016

“I like the school and our residence. I can say it is the best summer school I have ever been. I will advise this school to my friends and I would like to go here the next year. Our activities were amazing. I had a lot of fun. In conclusion I would like to say I did not regret that I came here.”

Elvira Kolesnikova – Russia – July 2016

“Personal at school are very friendly. I got the best teacher that I ever had. Good conditions for study, good material. I will be miss this school and people.”

Danil Nikitenko – Kazakhstan – July 2016

“I think so it’s the best school ever!”

Polina Artemova – Russia – July 2016

“Thank you very much for this experience. I`ll never forget this school, students and teachers. Some of my dreams came true in Miami (for example a little trip in yellow school bus from American movies). It was so fun! I want to come back in the next year!  What about lessons. Sometimes it was boring because i know this material. And I want more speaking practice. But thank you Stasy! She is so energetic and positive.”

Yana Chernakova – Russia – July  2016

“It was amazing time. I will never forget my teacher, because she is very cool. Funny and interesting classes. I hope to see her next summer, maybe in another place. Fabian is the most cool man, I have ever seen. Activities with him was amazing, time goes like supermen`s flying (very fast). Staff also were good. Everybody smiled and could help everybody.”

Alexander Dudnik – Russia – July  2016

“I got a lot of experience here. That’s the first my trip that too far from my home. And I had good experience in speaking and listening. .”

Konstantin Cherepanov – Russia – July  2016

“I enjoyed my time at OHLA very much, I made a lot of new friends and I was able to improve my English significantly, especially the speaking. Cliff prepared me very well for the upcoming CAE exam.”

Daniel Mueller – Germany – July  2016

“I spent a fantastic time here. I met so many good people, improved my English, i will recommend this school for my friends.”

Valentina – Russia – July  2016

“The school is really nice, the teachers are really passionate and love to talk with us. The activities were good and it allowed me to discover things about Miami and Florida.”

Clara Siret – France – June  2016

“It is an amazing school that provides people an excellent course of English that really works”

Luis Valera – Venezuela – June  2016

“I like Ohla because I improve my English,  I feel happy because I met good friends and  the teachers are the best.”

Jorgelina V Lema – Argentina – June  2016

“My experience here was fantastic, I came here and I didn’t  know nothing, now I talk a lot, I was  very shy and the teachers always help me about it, really  recommend this school for my others friends. I wish stay here for more time, I  hope come back in other opportunity, thank you for everything.”

Ana Sofia Bandari – Venezuela – June  2016

“Ohla is a very good instituted. The teachers are excellent. I learn very much. The classroom is comfortable and we have many activities for may to learn. It’s a excellent place.  ”

Estefania Febres – Venezuela – June  2016

“I like OHLA. I am happy to be in this school it was a wonderful experience.”

Mariela Reyes – Colombia – May  2016

“School is very good, teachers make us more confident, they are very interested about us. To be with other students it is a great experience because we know more about their countries, their way of life. I lived in the residence, in an apartment shared with a friend, it is nice because we do what we want and we can go to many activities when we want. It is a great experience for me, I recommand OHLA to every person who want to progress.”

Louise Lucas – France – May  2016

“One of the best experience in my life.”

Mohamed Mlitan – Libya – May  2016

“I spend in Ohla school best times in my life. School and every employees and members here are so friendly and my teacher Pedro was the best, I was really happy to spend every day in class with him. I will miss it here very much.”

Alice Vanousova – Czech Republic – April  2016

“My qualification to Ohla is excellent. This is because the classes are so funny and I learned a lot; the teachers are very friendly and they help us when we need; the schedule isn’t hard because the classes go so fast and there are two breaks that are enough.  Definitely, I like Ohla so much and maybe I will come back because I’ve met a lot of people from many countries and I had a good time.  Thank you so much!”

Guillermo Aguilera – Spain – April  2016

“I like Ohla because, ohla it’s a good school I met friends from  around the world.”

Maria Zerpa – Venezuela – April  2016

“I’d love my experience at Open Hearts, I would recommend this school, the most that a loved was the presentations and homework. I proved my skills and learned new vocabulary with my teacher. Ludwin was amazing teacher, very nice person and excellent teacher, congrats.”

Geraldine Chaparro – Venezuela – April  2016

“My experience in OHLA was excellent because I improved my English, the classes were excellent I like the fact that you meet people from different countries that is perfect because you need to speak in English all time, I liked the staff and teachers they were really good.  ”

Juan Florez – Colombia – April  2016

“I recognize the high level of the teachers and the staff. Also, the methodology is excellent and the class dynamic is very interesting to learn English. All the OHLA’s people have a great general knowledge, and other qualities.”

Wagner Lopes D Almeida – Brasil – April  2016

“OHLA is a very good school. My goal was to improve my english accent and to speak more.  During, my trip I learnt a lot of grammar, vocabulary. I met interesting people come from different countries. I could speak with them and practice my english.    This school always has any activities. That`s the reason why, I have discovered beautiful places in Miami. I enjoyed my trip. Thank you ”

Audrey Sainte Rose Fanchine – France – March  2016

“I feel  nice and satisfy in  MIAMI and at OHLA. I met many friendly people and I will definitely comeback to  OHLA.”

Libuska Kapralova – Czech Republic – March  2016

“It was amazing experience. I will never forget.”

Lucie Sovova – Czech Republic – March  2016

“Studying at  ohla has been a good experience because I practice was able to improve my English skills , I want to return soon and continue  studying  here for more time.”

Carlos Rojas – Colombia – March  2016

“I appreciated the friendly atmosphere. The teacher and the staff were all very nice and tried to help you. The equipment provided by the school was modern. Another positive experience was the first day where I got very useful introductions – this assures an excellent first impression.    I also would like to point out that the support by my agent from linguland (Germany) was excellent and very important to me both, before and during my stay.”

Julia Schneider – Germany – March  2016

“My experiences in ohla was very good because I improved my English!.”

Franco Gnoato – Venezuela – February  2016

“I have a lot moments at school here .. it’s is a amazing place!.”

Ramon Silva – Brazil – February  2016

“I like OHLA.”

Lu Wang – China – February  2016

“I like OHLA.”

Lu Wang – China – February  2016

“Ami is the best of all academically and a really nice person  !!!! Douneski was the funniest and Boris is very understanding teacher. Violetta is amazing because she always tries to accommodate students and she is super nice.”

Adriana Ruppert – Brazil – January 2016

“I loved the school, loved the city, i really would like to come back to usa, i really liked my teachers and new friends that i met, meet new culture, and i liked our host guide.”

Gabriel Longhi – Brazil – January 2016

“About my experience in OHLA, Host Family and Miami in general. I loved all activities, class, places that I visited. My Host Family is very friendly people and the food is amazing!”

Gustavo Machado – Brazil – January 2016

“My experience was amazing, everything was excellent. I loved the school, the city, my host family, my teacher, everything was perfect, I’m really satisfied.”

Rafaela Branco – Brazil – January 2016

“The best experience in all my life,my teachers  were amazing,the classes are very interesting.I  met a lot friends here,is the best option if you want practice English and have fun in the same time, i’m feeling more confident when i speak English.”

Thais Barros – Brazil – December 2015

“I liked the teachers and all the staff.”

Khaled Althobaity – Saudi Arabia – December 2015

“I have to say that all my experiences here were excellent , one of the most important thing that i could lived was making good friends.”

Gabriela Gaspar – Venezuela – December 2015

“My overall experience in OHLA was perfect, I really enjoyed the classes and had fun knowing other people from different countries.”

Clara Liberatore – Venezuela – November 2015

“The experience that I have here in OHLA is probably the best experience in my life, I did many friends, from different places in the world, and the class are really funny.”

Guilherme Fischer Moreira – Brasil – October 2015

“The OHLA Staff is very prepare to get us any information. Not only about the curse, but overall. And I want to recognize the teaching methodology is wonderful.”

Wagner Lopes D’ Almeida – Brasil – October 2015

“My experience in OHLA has been very productive and I would definitely recommended to more people if they need an English school.”

Sofia Lucas – Spain – October 2015

“I had a really good experience at OHLA. The teachers were good and concerned about our progress. Furthermore, the activities were a plus to meet new people.”

Yann Kacoutie – Ivory Coast – October 2015

“In this school you can learn very good English. Also the teachers are very good and they help you to understand everything. They didn’t gave us too much homework and i had all learning stuff for preparing me for the block exam. Also the presentation of my teacher Amy are very good you understand very quickly what the presentation will say. I’m 16 years old and i didn’t had many other people who had my age (until 20). But when i will come back in 3 years i”m sure I’m not the youngest one.”

Stella Casanova – Switzerland – October 2015

“The quality of the teachers and staff (Lucy and Wioletta) It has been perfect.”

Adrian Alarcon – Spain – September 2015

“I was so happy because the school was excellent. The Teaches was very good and the staff. I love everything, everything was perfect and the people was so friendly.”

Marina Sbampato – Brasil – September 2015

“I was so happy because the school was excellent. The Teaches was very good and the staff. I love everything, everything was perfect and the people was so friendly.”

Marina Sbampato – Brasil – September 2015

“Everything was pretty good. I met great people here and had much fun. It was a great experience for me . The school the teacher and also the staff was great. Maybe one day we will see each other again.”

ALI IYYIGOREN – Turkey – September 2015

“I learned much about the United States. Pauline told us many interesting facts.”

Sarah Mogdans – Germany – August 2015

“OHLA gives a perfect oppurtunity to improve your english in classes and after also,people here are very friendly and kind,they will help you to solve any of your problem. I really enjoyed my classes with my teacher Darrius, he always listens to his students opinion and respects it (it is very important for me) I have learned a lot of new vocabulary  so school was amazing.”

Alina Akkaya – Russia – August 2015

“I think OHLA is an excellent place to learn English as a beginner, and i would recommend it to my friends.”

Omar Abdalwassi – Saudi Arabi – August 2015

“I spent an amazing time here. The school is awesome, the people and staff are outstanding helpful and friendly. The school activities are funny various.”

Monika Rehakova – Slovakia – August 2015

“It was really a great experiences, thanks to that I has meet lot of great people like my friends, teacher and OHLA staff, I also improved my English as well.”

Banry Yong – Martinique – August 2015

“It was my first time here.I found it very excited,the best school ever.An unforgatable experience.”

Denis Meco – Albania – July 2015

“It is my best holidays of my life because it is my first time in USA and I have meeting a lot people , I will never forget this experience .”

Anis Keribi – France – July 2015

“I like OHLA very much. Teachers try to have classes full of fun and conversations. Student residence was a really good and nice place. Everybody was kind and helpful. I will recommend OHLA to my friends.”

Martina Jamecna – Slovakia – July 2015

“My teacher is excellent and the school is very nice, I appreciated my residence, the staff is nice too. I enjoyed my 2 shorts weeks and I’ll definitely return to USA in an other OHLA school. Thank you for this nice experience.”

Ines Collado – France – July 2015

“My experience was so great, I had met a lot of people, i could do a lot of things in Miami”

Mathilde Bertrand – France – July 2015

“It was a great pleasure to study in OHLA. Great program, good teachers, well equipment classes.”

Yuliia Podusova – Ukraine – June 2015

“I liked this experience. All was very good, i was disappointed by nothing. I will have a very good memory of OHLA School.”

Riu Tom – France – June 2015

“OHLA its new step in my life. This step has big experience a lot positive case and moment’s .I will miss my teacher and classmates because we had awesome time together”

Gasan Alizade – Russia – June 2015

“Everybody is very friendly in this school. Teachers and administration always want to help. I like it. Videos very interesting not all schools have it.”

Saniya Irzhanova – Kazakhstan – May 2015

“It was good experience. So I will recommend all my friends to come here.”

Abdulaziz Alqarawi – Saudi Arabia – June 2015

“Is very good school, the teacher and the staff are very nice”

Ferracane Giacomo Flavio – Italy – June 2015

“Everything at OHLA was very good. I got lots of experiences, new information and good friends. I have in Miami the best moments in my life. Everyone here was very polite, kind, friendly and I really appreciate it.”

Eva Truhlarova – Czech Republic – May 2015

“I liked a lot my class and my friends, because was a good and funny moments with them.”

Bruna Felix Silva – Brasil – May 2015

“I study at the best school in the world. Here is an atmosphere of friendship and understating.”

Olga Antonova – Ukraine – May 2015

“I recommend the OHLA’s service for other student, and I’s liked the host family because they are friendly.”

Jair Donizete da Costa – Brazil – May 2015


Antuan Nomnon – Venezuela – May 2015

“It was fun.”

Kirby Fernandez – Venezuela – May 2015

“The experience was very good, the staff is very nice and the class was very useful, a very good experience.”

Pietro – Micheli – May 2015

“My 2 months in OHLA School were very good. I appreciate that the school and the residence were in the same place. OHLA staff and teachers are very nice.”

Kathleen Howard – France – April 2015

“It was a nice experience! I learned a lot.”

Carlos Bravo – Venezuela – April 2015

“I really enjoy my stay in OHLA. My time here was spent too quickly and I appreciated every moment spent here with everyone. Thanks to my teachers I learned a lot in class and I improved my level. I met amazing people at OHLA. ( teachers, staff, students, roommates…) The Teachers and Ohla staff were very professional and nice. Thank you very much to all!! You fully deserve the title of BEST World School. !!”

Emilie Ohouo – France – March 2015

“The school is very good and in a nice area. My teacher Alvaro is very good, I really learned with him. The staff always helped us, the people here were really very friendly.”

Daniel Figueiredo – Brazil – March 2015

“Everyone is welcoming towards others. The courses and the accommodation are great.”

Mylene Beautes – France – February 2015

“I like the school, very good energetic and friendly people and director. I think my English now is better than before. I will recommend this school. Thanks.”

Inna Shulman – Russia – February 2015

“OHLA is an excellent school, with excellent teachers. My Host family is Josefina, she is an excellent person, my teacher is JOHNNY he is an excellent teacher.”

Franciele Moraes – Brazil – January 2015

“Loved know my teacher and all that school including EVE the girl who came from England. I enjoyed my Host family.”

Mark Silva – Brazil – January 2015

“In the school I had really good experiences because I met a lot of people from a lot of different countries around the world. I learned some things about some cultures different than my own. The teachers and staff were really good and helped me and the rest of the students in a lot of situations because they understand you’re new to the country, and the language.”

Cristian Restrepo – Colombia – January 2015

“It was a good experience; I improved my listening, my speaking. I had a lot of fun, met new friends; the school provides me good opportunities to know Miami. The teacher and school staff were friendly, helped me every time I needed them. It was a really good time.”

Edson Oliveira – Brazil – January 2015

“I had the opportunity to improve my English, specially because of the English speaking zone that is important to make the students practice the language in a place that every language are spoken.”

Luciana Sarafini – Brazil – January 2015

“Everything excellent. The teachers, the people, everything good.”

Diego Cuevas – Spain – December 2014

“My experience in OHLA was really good. The teachers work hard to give to the student’s opportunities to study and improve their English skills.”

Helena Jauregi – Spain – December 2014

“My experience at the school was really good. My goals were to improve my English and I did it. In my class we talked a lot and made many speaking exercises in which I learned a lot, my vocabulary grew a lot and I am satisfied.”

Bruna Reis – Brazil – December 2014

“This is my last week of school my experience was happy, my teacher was fantastic and I learned a lot.”

Yasmin Carvajal – Colombia – November 2014

“My experience in this school was amazing. I learned a lot English and about the countries and culture.”

Marika Furlani – Venezuela – November 2014

“I enjoyed my stay in OHLA. Teacher made our lessons very interesting and I think my English really got better. I would like to stay longer time.”

Martina Kralovska – Slovakia – November 2014

“The teachers was really good. I think I really learn other things with his, the school is also good it’s a big experience for me.”

Benjamin Ansquer – France – October 2014

“It was very nice because are so different people for different countries. Everybody are gentiles. My teacher is great, if I go back a day I would like to study with him again.”

Marianna de Souza Leao – Brazil – October 2014

“OHLA is the best course because when I came to OHLA I didn’t speak nothing , ALVARO and XENIA help me a lot because both were very good teachers.”

Victor Abrao de Freitas – Brazil – October 2014

“I like OHLA because I learned a lot of things, the activities with my teacher and the classes were nice for me, I liked the experience and I recommended.”

Jose Angel Fernandez – Colombia – September 2014

“Very good experience at the school, my teachers are excellent. Activities and classes very good.”

Diana Luna – Colombia – September 2014

“I would like to say that the school is very good, the teachers are very nice and they are professional.”

Maria Medina – Venezuela – September 2014

“The teachers I had (LAMARR AND BORIS) were really amazing, very nice and patient, the apartment was very big. I was not with French speakers so I spoke English all the time which is really important to improve.”

Marianne Grivel – France – September 2014

“My experience in this school was excellent, the teacher is very good, He has an excellent methods that made, I enjoyed every class.”

Ernesto Sanchez – Venezuela – September 2014

“The teachers i had (Lamar and Boris) were really amazing, very nice and patient. The apartment was very big, i was not with French speakers so i spoke English all the time which is really important.”

Marianne Grivel – France – September 2014

“I think that this school is a good option to study English, the teachers are nice and teach in a good way.”

Maria Irias – Honduras – September 2014

“My experience in this school was excellent. The teacher is very good, he has an excellent methods that made i enjoy every class.”

Ernesto Sanchez – Venezuela – September 2014

“The experience at OHLA was very good, the teachers are helping you improve your level. The staff is giving many advice and facilitation”

Yassine Namane – Morocco – September 2014

“Its great, i liked.”

Gianfranco Fiorello – Venezuela – September 2014

“My experience was good because i learn a lot and i had a good teacher and i like the class.”

Andrea Moreno – Venezuela – September 2014

“I like OHLA. I have a really good time in Miami.”

Sebastian Figueroa – Colombia – September 2014

“It was amazing, both teachers and staff were so gentle. Definitely, I would come back.”

Maria Ortega – Venezuela – September 2014

“The experience in OHLA was for me very especial, I meet people the different countries and learn more english.”

Paula Duganski – Brazil – August 2014

“I think that, everything is in my expectation, I loved the teachers. They are so nice and great teachers (LUDWIN MENDOZA, BORIS NAVARRO AND YOELVIES RODRIGUEZ)”

Silmara Waceliko – BrazilAugust 2014

“Everything was very good, the people is very kind and receptive. I loved this opportunity.”

Ramonn Heidmann Sandrini – BrazilAugust 2014

“OHLA is a very good school. My teacher is the best teacher :)”

Anastasia Karabanova – Russia – August 2014

“My experience in OHLA school was very good, the teachers are excellent and I like this school because its very good for learning English.”

Marine Sanson Bogner – France – August 2014

“I have enjoyed a lot of my time here. The school was amazing. I think that I have learned some new things in English and most important, I have become a new person with this experience because i have met lots of new interesting people. I have met new amazing friends and have seen how life in America is. So i think its a great experience that everyone has to live.”

Sara jimenez Chavarrias – Spain – August 2014

“It is my first trip to America and to Miami. I greatly enjoyed the country. I have been very happy spending my days with my Host Family. Attending the interesting and cognitive lessons  at school. The school is great, I have adored the strict rules about being late for the classes. It makes sense for teens and even for adults. I loved my lessons with my brilliant teacher BORIS who is skilled and devoted to his profession. I’ve made friends from my group in spite of the fact, We have different nationalities. I enjoyed the meeting with the school staff, They are very friendly, helpful and sociable. I promise to come here next year with my kids as a group leader. I wish i could stay longer.”

Larisa Loshchinina – Russia – August 2014

“I have a fun experience in this school, L like the teacher, more than teachers were friends. I like that You always meet people from others countries and meet their cultures and religious, for me is very interesting.”

Enrica Guerini – Venezuela – August 2014

“I loved my experience with OHLA. I had the possibility to know really funny people and live in an amazing English experience.”

Fabrizio Sera – Italy – August 2014

“My experience at OHLA was good. Everybody was kind to me. I loved my extended stay in America. My room was very nice, I Liked the Hotel.”

Viviana Furyova – Slovakia – August 2014

“Open Hearts is a really good school, the class is very interesting and the teachers are good. the residence was perfect. its was a really great experience.”

Evan Braghiroli – Guadeloupe, France – August 2014

“I had a great and useful experience studying in OHLA. The level of education is really high.”

Marina stepanova – Russia – August 2014

“To me, student residence and the staff is perfect. My first teacher in intermediate 2 is very very good. I was very happy with my stay at OHLA. Thank you!”

Josselin Delport – France – August 2014

“This is my best experience, there are a lot of good teachers and students.”

Violetta Nedogreeva – Moscow, Russia August 2014