Ways to Practice English Daily

November 4, 2022

The best approach to learning a new language is the same way we learned our native language, organically. Languages are not meant to be memorized but rather practiced and used on a daily basis. Mastering the English language starts by being exposed to English words and sounds often, think baby steps. Finding time in the day to practice English is easier than you think.

Here are ways to practice English in your daily life:

  1. Movies & TV Shows

When you are not busy with work, school, or family, you will likely have time in the day to relax and watch TV. This is the perfect time to make your leisure activities educational. When you’ve picked your favorite movie or TV show, make sure to add the English subtitles. The idea is to read the subtitles as you listen to the actors speak in your native language. This will target the frontal lobe of your brain which is in charge of speech, reading, grammatical usage, and comprehension.

  1. Podcasts & Music

Listening to podcasts and music is a great way to practice English since you can do this as you continue your day. You can listen while you do chores around the house, while you’re stuck in traffic, while you cook, go for a jog and the list goes on. You can select podcast for English learners that can teach you new vocabulary words or simply one on your favorite topic. The same goes for music, listen to your favorite hits in the US. This will make doing chores around the house more fun. Time to listen up!

  1. Change Settings on Phone & Laptop

By now, we are very familiar with our phone settings and notifications. These are ingrained in our minds as we see them every day. Why not change these familiar settings to English? This will help you truly immerse yourself into the new language and learn new vocabulary as you go. Here repetition is key.

  1. Surround Yourself with English Speakers

Whether it is a friend, pen pal or an English blogger on social media, make room for English speakers in your day-to-day life. Encouraging yourself to speak English even when you feel awkward or shy will certainly help you learn the new language. Speaking with someone even if you struggle at the beginning will teach you to have patience with yourself as you make mistakes and learn.

We hope these tips help you get a head start before coming for your study abroad program in the US. You will have no choice but to speak English once you are here, it is best to get started in your home country. Learning a new language is not easy and making mistakes is a part of the journey. Don’t be ashamed when you make mistakes because they will happen! Be ready to learning from your mistakes, you will improve because of them. If you take it day-by-day you will become fluent in no time.


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