About OHLA

OHLA is an Award-Winning English School established in 1998 and with extensive experience in the field of education.

Our English program is recognized by a number of state and private Universities in the United States, and as such, countless OHLA students transition to bachelor and or graduate degree programs.

Our English program welcomes students from over 70 countries and it offers seven (7) strategic locations throughout the state of Florida, the “Sunshine State”.

In addition OHLA offers a state-of-the-art virtual platform allowing international students to pursue our English Program from the comfort of their own home.

OHLA is one of the most respected English schools in the United States and we are proud to be a true Pathway to Higher Education.

Our Mission

To provide a learning environment that challenges and supports students in achieving their linguistic goals for personal or professional growth, or in gaining entrance into an American University.

Qualified teachers strive to provide a student-centered environment which enhances academic learning and makes possible for students explore linguistic creativity.

Necessary institutional resources are allocated to offer a comprehensive curriculum, outstanding student services, impeccable institutional facilities and innovative technology for learning English as a Second Language.

Knowledgeable and dedicated staff members ensure that, at all times, students are satisfied with their English language studies and are successfully integrated into the community.


Accreditation and Memberships


OHLA, through its sister company, UniApplyNow, is proud to offer a comprehensive University Admission Program in which students can gain acceptance into universities and colleges throughout the United States.

With NO TOEFL or IELTS being required, UniApplyNow and OHLA allow countless students, each year, to move on to Undergraduate and Graduate Degree programs upon completion of their Advanced 2 or Elite level.

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