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At OHLA, we view the mastery of the English language as a continuous and progressive approach rather than step-by-step exercise. When we learn a new language, we are gradually improving our knowledge of that language, the same way we are constantly learning and refining our own native language.

We truly believe that languages are not meant to be memorized but rather they are meant to be used and practiced consistently on a daily basis. In order to obtain the mastery of the English language in a shorter amount of time, our teachers place emphasis on having students understand the messages and vocabulary accurately in the foreign language.


OHLA uses a skills-based curriculum, focused specifically on developing necessary linguistic skills in six major areas: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar. We know the best way to develop these new linguistic skills is the same way we all learned our native languages, “organically”. Languages are not meant to be memorized, but rather these skills must be practiced and used on a daily basis to master the language.


To further propel a conducive learning environment, OHLA offers 8 ESL levels. Students sit for a Placement Exam on their first day of class to evaluate their current linguistic skills. Students are then placed in the appropriate English level. Pre-arrival online testing can be organized upon request.


Every member of our faculty holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a TESOL Certification. Besides looking for individuals with the required educational background, we seek teachers who have international experience and as such, a number of our faculty members have had previous teaching assignments abroad.

Class Size

Our average class size is 12 students. However, our classrooms can easily accommodate 15 students. This small group setting maximizes interaction and allows students to receive the individual attention required in a successful student-centered curriculum


Placement Test & Orientation

On the first day of class, students will sit for a comprehensive placement exam and a thorough student orientation. Students will be placed in the English class level based on their test results.



Each level lasts 10 weeks and is subdivided in six 2-week-units called “blocks”. Students may commence their language studies at the beginning of any two-week block (every second Monday).

The blocks are designed to be as self-contained and noncumulative as possible, resulting in a progression of skill development, which will maximize the learning experience.

OHLA offers five [5] sessions per year.

Entry Point

At OHLA you can enter the program every second Monday.

Test Comparison Table


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