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OHLA is proud to offer a comprehensive University Pathway Program in which students will automatically gain acceptance into several University programs throughout the United States. Each year countless OHLA students move on to Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees programs upon completion of our Advanced 2 and or Elite level. NO TOEFL or IELTS Required!

Our Counselors Will Help You With

They will find the University or College that best suits your academic profile.

They will provide you with a conditional letter of acceptance (LOA) from the partner university or college of your choice.

Most importantly, they will ensure you are admitted to university or college. They will help you achieve academic success in the United States and will assist you from beginning to end.

OHLA has an agreement with Juno. Juno is a Harvard-born startup that helps international students attain student loans for international students and for degree programs at a very low interest rate. If you have a cosigner in the United States you qualify immediately.

Loan Key Features

→ Guaranteeing you the lowest interest rates in the private student loan market
→ It takes <1 minute to join
→ Absolutely free to sign up

OHLA international students must register here https://joinjuno.com/p/ohla

They will organize group or individual tours of the partner college and university campuses.

How Do I Start?

Contact our Counselors at info@ohla.com
Begin the Application & Submit Documents
University LOA & Apply
for an F1 Visa


Contact our Counselors at info@ohla.com


Begin the Application & Submit Documents


University LOA & Apply for an F1 Visa

What Our University Partners Have to Say!

I can truly say that working with the OHLA team has been a very rewarding experience. Their professionalism & caring for their students goes above and beyond. FIT has been the fortunate recipient of many happy & well prepared OHLA students both at the undergraduate and graduate level. We look forward to our continuous partnership

Marivi Walker
Florida Institute of Technology
Office of Graduate Admission

At the University of South Florida (USF) we have admitted students for the past 5-6 years who have completed their English at OHLA. As a result of the high quality programs offered by OHLA, the students have entered either USF directly or the USF Pathway program with a solid English foundation. Further, it has been a seamless process to admit students to USF because of the dedicated staff at OHLA who put the students’ success first and foremost.

Glen Besterfield, PH.D.
University of South Florida. Assistant Vice President
International Admissions and Global Partnerships


OHLA, through its sister company, UniApplyNow, is proud to offer a University Admission platform to helps International Students apply to Universities and Colleges in the United States.

International Students can choose from over 12,000 Programs for Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees.

This service is available to ALL International Students!

If you are an OHLA student, in most cases, you do not need IELTS or TOEFL. Completion of the Advanced 2 or Elite level is sufficient.

Click here to visit UniApplyNow