May 11, 2021 OHLA Announces Partnership with ExchangeMate

US ELT provider OHLA Schools has announced an agreement with ExchangeMate International Education for high school placements and homestay accommodation services.

As part of the agreement, ExchangeMate International Education will set up an office inside OHLA’s school in Miami.

It will provide homestay services for the seven campuses operated by OHLA across Florida, and will take over operations of the High School Program in Miami, which OHLA has run for more than a decade.

OHLA said that ExchangeMate is a full listing member of the Council on Standards for International Education Travel and boasts more than 10 years of experience of placing F-1 visa holding international students in public and private high schools as well as providing homestay services for international students at English language programs across the USA.

Jenny Nieveen, President and Founder of OHLA Schools, said the move was important from operational and strategic standpoints to assist in the growth of the company.

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